The most critical problem related to intellectual property activities Vietnam are now facing is the lack of training activities for enterprises as well as science & technology organizations ("enterprises") in the field of intellectual property management strategy. Most enterprises have not yet respected the important role of intellectual property management issues hence have not been building any strategy on intellectual property management, while there are only few organizations providing intellectual property management training services. These challenges impact on effectiveness of Vietnamese enterprises and economic growth of the country.
For satisfying the above practical demands and requirements, one of the current VIPRI’s assigned missions is provision of extensive and comprehensive intellectual property management training courses for various types of enterprises, including designing curriculums and contents, selecting trainers, training for the trainers, performing lectures, managing classes and trainees... A pilot program focused on the following topics which VIPRI has been providing since the year 2008:
(i) General introduction to intellectual assets and intellectual asset management;
(ii) Generation/creation of intellectual assets;
(iii) Acquisition of rights over intellectual assets;
(iv) Protection and enforcement of rights over intellectual assets;
(v) Exploitation of intellectual assets and intellectual property rights;
(vi) Management of intellectual property value;
(vii) Organization and exploitation of intellectual property information;
(viii) Intellectual asset management strategy...
The mentioned training programs are designed in tailor-made styles for appropriate trainees/audiences, and also divided into various levels from basic to professional contents based on participants’ qualifications and experiences.