VIPRI is a governmental institute of Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam – MOST. VIPRI was established in 2007 by the government for the purpose of overcoming a lack of knowledge in the field of the law, economics, technique and management of intellectual property through its research, training and providing expert evidence activities. The missions of VIPRI are to develop professional knowledge and practical skills for diversified stakeholders on protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights and thereby strengthening the intellectual property system of Vietnam. The VIPRI’s functions are as follows in details:

          1. Extensive Intellectual Property Research: VIPRI performs extensive research activities, including: (i) issues on development, valuation, commercialization, management of intellectual properties; (ii) policies on management and development of intellectual properties; (iii) issues on protection mechanism, development tendency and appropriate protection policies in the field of intellectual property; (iv) international practice and experiences for establishment and implementation of action plan on intellectual property of Vietnam.

          2. Comprehensive Intellectual Property Training: VIPRI performs comprehensive intellectual property training, including: (i) organizing domestic/international workshops, seminars, symposiums on intellectual property; (ii) designing programmes, preparing lectures and documents for training courses; (iii) organizing courses for fostering human resources in the field of intellectual property; (iv) compiling and publishing materials, e.g. books, manuals, research reports, articles... on intellectual property; (v) participating in promulgation of intellectual property laws and regulations.

          3. Qualified Intellectual Property Consultancy and Expert Evidence Providing Services: VIPRI provides qualified consultancy and expert evidences on intellectual property, including: (i) providing legal and technical expert evidence on intellectual property at the requests of authorities, organizations and individuals; (ii) advising for settlement of intellectual property disputes and infringements; (iii) making suggestions to national programmes, policies, laws and regulations on intellectual property; (iv) directly performing the expert witness functions before the courts. Those services are now focusing on construction of scope of protection; determination on similarity between a protected subject matter and an accused infringing object; infringement analysis and determination.

         4. Expansive International Cooperation: VIPRI is authorised to perform effective international cooperation with various overseas organisations specialized in intellectual property research, training, consultancy and expertise for mutual benefits in exchanging knowledge and developing capabilities in creation, protection, exploitation, enforcement and management of intellectual property rights.