Ladies and Gentlemen,

Intellectual Property System (IP System) of Vietnam was formed in the late 80s of last century. Forty – year development is not a long time in comparison with this of other developed countries, but our IP System has also recorded the important achievements in  associated with the important events during the development process of the country:  transiting from the central subsidized economy into a socialist - oriented market economy; normalizing relationship with the United States and signing a Bilateral Agreement between the two countries; negotiating and becoming an official member of the World Trade Organization; further international economic integrating through negotiation and sign series of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, typically Trans-Pacific Partnership.

After having achieved the goal of meeting the standards of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights - TRIPS Agreement - that plays an important role in making Vietnam to become a Member of the World Trade Organization – WTO, we are facing integration requirements and implementation of the IP commitments in these new agreements mentioned above. IP system of Vietnam, once again, has been overcoming greater challenges. First, the committed higher standards on IP have to be met. Then, IP System has to be operated effectively, showing a positive role, contributing to socio-economic development of our Country.

With the above-mentioned challenges, VIPRI’s point of view is that:

(i) If we want to overcome the challenges, besides perfecting IP theories that is the basis of completing the IP legal system, we need to develop human resources for IP System, such as: training, developing professional and skilled force to operate this System; raising the awareness on IP and intellectual assets for enterprises in order to exploit IP System effectively by IP creation, protection and management;

(ii) The system of state management, support, complementary service and enforcement agencies of IPRs should consider enterprises as the core, the partners and customers to cooperate and serve;

(iii) We need to invest not only in improving the IP legal system, but also for development of these agencies’ capacity to meet the demands of enterprises in exploiting IP System effectively;

In order to contribute to overcome the challenges, VIPRI - a governmental institute of Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam, of which functions are research, training, consultation, expertise and valuation of intellectual property - in the future, based on maintenance of systematical activities, will focus on the following directions:

(i) To further carry on studies on emerged IP issues for serving IP national strategy and improving the IP legal system;

(ii) To coordinate with relevant agencies to implement extensively training programs for enterprises to raise their awareness, develop skills of exploiting IP system and intellectual assets management;

(iii) To enhance IP services diversely, to create favorable conditions for use these services at the request of enterprises: IP consultancy; expertise in industrial property; IP valuation; IP management; and exploitation of IP information...

To implement effectively the above mentioned directions, besides solutions of development our internal potential and taking advantage of the guidance, leadership of the Ministry of Science and Technology, VIPRI will continue to maintain and develop collaborative relationships, partnerships with management, income-generating administration bodies and experts in the field of science and technology in general and IP in particular. This will make VIPRI become not only the institute that directly implement the state management activities on IP and directly supply  services for enterprises, but also a bridge – an intermediary organization - between enterprises and other entities.

VIPRI’s website with internal and external IP information, events is a site for enterprises and relevant entities to search, research on IP, to use IP services, to exploit series of industrial property databases, to access IP-related pages of other domestic and foreign organizations, agencies.

With the guideline of conscientious service, effective cooperation for mutual sustainable development, through this website, VIPRI hopes to be of service, to meet the increasing requirements on IP of the enterprises and relevant agencies.

VIPRI would like to receive the comments from all concerned individuals and organizations in order to help this page to become an useful, worth - visiting address when you need any IP news and industrial property information.

VIPRI do hope that we shall meet your requirements as well as have more cooperation chances and assistance of all enterprises, organizations and individuals to perform our functions in the process of improvement and development of IP system as well as to support the effective exploitation of IP system in order to contribute to the socio economic development of our Country.

With warm regards,


Dr. Ta Quang Minh

Director General - VIPRI