Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute (VIPRI) advocates combining its research activities and promulgation or application of research fruits of other organizations/individuals.   

The most important standards and goals enunciated in VIPRI’s research activities in long term are utility and applicability of the results. In short term, applied research is to be a priority and considered as conspicuous propensity.   

VIPRI’s research missions are determined by Ministry of Science and Technology on the basis of approved annual research plan proposed by VIPRI and/or identified in research contracts with other organizations/enterprises or in working in collaboration with others.   VIPRI’s research results are considered as its properties or investors according to terms of intellectual property right allocation provided in research contracts or to laws and regulations. 

VIPRI highly appreciate exploitation and transfer of its research results in its professional activities as well as in general practice in the field of science and technology.