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Seminar on "Procedures for registration of protection and maintenance of the brand in the US"

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Seminar on "Procedures for registration of protection and maintenance of the brand in the US"
In recent years, along with the development of economic cooperation internationally, protection of intellectual property in foreign markets is becoming a problem more interested now. However, a number of trademarks, geographical indications reputable, consumers have been widely known other people registered for protection in a number of countries have rung alarm bells about business not really adequate attention and not have the necessary knowledge in the protection of intellectual property in foreign countries.

In order to provide legal information and practical application of the law as well as create the necessary forum for exchange and sharing of experiences among professionals, companies, associations, organizations representing industrial property Vietnam on how to proceed with the registration and maintenance of trademarks registered trademarks in the United States, in the framework of bilateral cooperation between the Department of intellectual property (NOIP) and the Patent and trademark United States (USPTO), in two days 9-10 / 11/2015 at JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi took place the workshop "protection Procedures for registration and maintenance of trademarks in the United States."

The workshop brought together over 70 representatives from trade associations, businesses, representatives of industrial property as well as the staff in charge of trade promotion activities of relevant agencies and officials of the Office Property wisdom.

Opening remarks at the seminar, Deputy Director of the Intellectual Property Tran Huu Nam has emphasized the importance of the protection of intellectual property, especially the brand in export markets. With Vietnam is a signatory of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), then in the near future, Vietnam will have more opportunities and fundamental advantages as export markets are open wide, especially agricultural export markets; Vietnam will reach deeper into the two largest economies in the world is the United States and Japan. To take advantage of the favorable opportunity that requires government, business community in Vietnam must have prepared thoroughly for stable integration of "playground" TTP which intellectual property is one of the internal concern solution preparation. Mastering the United States legal provisions on the protection of brands will help Vietnam have now the necessary preparation before putting goods on the market and avoid disputes or unreasonable damage caused by not used its mark. He hopes through the workshop participants will understand the legal issues and practices of the United States of trademark protection to exporters have the appropriate preparation before bringing goods into the country market penetration in addition, relevant agencies have timely support to exporters.

Deputy Director Tran Huu Nam Workshop opening remarks
At the seminar, two experts from the Patent Office and Trademark United States is Cynthia and Laura Hammel Hendersen introduced general way to a business can get the protection of trademarks in the United States; the note when preparing the application documents, to pursue the registration process; the useful electronic tools commonly used in the process of registration of a mark at the USPTO; process of trademark registration application designating the United States through the Madrid system. Some prominent differences in the procedures for establishing trademark rights to the system between the United States and Vietnam are also experts focused presentations as requested on the use of the mark, the provisions on the protection of non-traditional trademarks, geographical indications protected in the name of the brand ... the workshop also received support experience sharing trademarked business in the United States of Lawyers Doan Hong Son came from Max IP law firm. A significant part of the duration of the workshop was devoted to questions and answers discussed. Many problems have been made for the participants to learn presenters thorough, thorough trademark protection system in the United States.

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Speaker exchanged, discussed at the Workshop
End of Conference, experts and delegates agreed that the workshop was timely meet the needs of businesses in understanding the provisions of the law on protection of trademarks in the United States. Seminar work is done carefully. The participants hope that in the future many similar workshop will be supported USPTO, NOIP organizations to enterprises in particular and the public in general have more information as well as the thorough preparation for the protection of property intellectual in the US market, thereby promoting cooperation, economic exchanges between the two states gia./.