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World Intellectual Property Day 2016 - Creation of: Recreate culture

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World Intellectual Property Day 2016 - Creation of: Recreate culture

Dawn in Caracas, a writer wakes up, inspiring rushing back and reached for his tablet. Her mind returned with colleagues in London are rehearsals for West End theaters. Words, images, fragments and pieces of dialogue scenarios flashed continuously. The idea for a new film series - the global epidemic, drug cartels, corruption level - hit by concerns of a Hollywood film producer, who was contacting counterparts in Dubai, Mumbai, Beijing and Berlin. The contract agreement is completed, the money invested is guaranteed, distribution channels agreed.

The scene begins: at Ouarzazate external, internal Brooklyn, special effects from Bangkok. Additional background music: melody hot gumbo from Rio and horns from Lagos, with the seductive rhythm of the Prague Forum. Spread around the music signal when fans flooded in the screenings in all types of screens, in every corner of the world ...

Movies, television, music, books, artwork, game show - say briefly that the work culture - has long been beyond the border. But times are changing Wifi innovative ways, distribute and enjoy popular culture in the capital markets are spread across national borders. Digital technology has never been more easy this approach has swept away the physical barriers, set the world cultural exchange at the fingertips of every artist and innovator, foster innovation in new ways. And the explosion of creativity brings the benefits of digital users. We can read, see and hear the works of countless innovators worldwide in wherever, whenever and in whatever way we want.

Recreate the culture - how do we create it, how do we approach it and how do we invest in it - not without challenges. And the challenges of an intellectual property system and the flexibility to adapt to help ensure that artists and creative industries in the digital world that we can get paid for the job deserves of them, whereby they can continue to create. So's World Intellectual Property Day this year, we explore some of the issues around the future of our culture. We will discuss with experts on innovation in the digital market and to the creators to clarify the destination that they think we are approaching. Please connect with us on Facebook as the story unfolds. Part 1 is just beginning.
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