Seminar "Development and transfer of intellectual property"

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Seminar "Development and transfer of intellectual property"


Date 27/11/2015, Institute of intellectual property in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology City. Ho Chi Minh City held a seminar on "Development and transfer of intellectual assets" under the chairmanship of Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of Vietnam Tran Thanh, with the participation of the leaders of the Department of Business Nam Ministry of Science and technology, Department of Science and technology City. Ho Chi Minh, the Copyright Bureau, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities Ho Chi Minh City and a team of business leaders, team administrator intellectual property of businesses, organizations scientific and technological organizations and experts in the same field.


Vietnamese Deputy Minister Tran Thanh delivered the opening speech and
Workshop participants and leaders of relevant agencies

Addressing the opening ceremony, Vietnamese Deputy Minister Tran Thanh affirmed Vietnam in the context of accession to the Agreement signed trans-Pacific partnership (TPP), should have the scientific evaluation of quantitative and learn residue interstitial nature of the operation shifted the intellectual property of businesses offshore Vietnam. Since then there are changes not only in strategic management, commercialization of intellectual assets in each business but also in the work of planning, policy development, legislation adjustment intellectual property accordingly with the practical situation


Vietnamese Tran Thanh Deputy Director of the Institute of Science and Intellectual Property Ta Quang Minh awarded Certificate Administrator level intellectual assets Head

The workshop takes place at the ceremony administrator certificate intellectual property for more than 150 turns of trainees by officials of enterprises, universities, research institutes and institutions of science and technology has completely different the level of Senior Manager and Professional administrator intellectual property in 2014. This will be a full-time human resources administrator intellectual property plays an important role in connecting the supply bridge financing transactions intellectual property in science and technology markets.


The trainees received certificates on intellectual property management


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